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I've been using your casettes for a few years, and am very grateful for them. Stephen, DC

I was just doing the lesson number 52 and just wanne thank you. I am an Alexander-teacher and so I had much fun doing your lessons of the month – nearly day by day - during the last 3 months. Michael, Germany

I listened and exercised for 20 min from tape # 2 in the evening. And for some strange reason there is less achiness in and around the ankle. Thanks very much for MAKING these tapes and for sending them out quickly. Deepti, NY

I truly appreciate the opportunity you offer to explore this work and my own somatic holding. Thanks so much!! Cathy, PA

Thank you very much Rich. I received the cassettes and tried one side and it was excellent...it really helped me. I am looking fwd to get more benefit from them. Ashish MI

I got the tapes and I've been working with them. I really like the complexity -- I am feeling a lot better these days, and I'm sure the tapes are playing a role in that!--Sylvia, MA

I am a great fan of your lessons! Thanks for putting them online. I've printed them all out, all fifty seven of them. Your creativity is awesome! Teri AK

I appreciate your website, the lessons, and sense of genuineness you offer. Carl, UT

I want to thank you again for your tapes "Flowing Body, Flexible Mind". I have used them for a long time and they have been very helpful for me and I am still learning from them. I found that the combination of different therapies was very powerful. Marko, Norway

Thank you for making these tapes available, I have worked with the first two tapes on a daily basis and am already noticing results. Your voice is balanced just right and your movements are well described, I experience a great sense of peace and relaxation after doing your tapes and find them extremely interesting, thanks again. Frederick, VA

Your tapes are great! You really did a wonderful job. I really appreciate the breaks for stopping at different intervals. Often I only have a limited time to do the lessons and this makes it possible. Thank you. This is a great resource. You have brought a wonderful gift to my life! Holly, CA

Your tapes are beutiful! I ordered them because a friend of mine introduced me to them. Excellent! Hilary, IL

I have used your tapes dozens of times over the past few years and find them enormously helpful. They are a treat I give myself. Thank you for your wonderful work! Pat, CA

I find that by doing just side one of the first tape twice a day gently that everything is shifting in an interesting way, my movements are diffuse, pain is turning to discomfort, I am sleeping better. Thank you so much! Jan, FL

I am amazed at the effectiveness of the lessons you have provided online. After one lesson I have found a way to relieve lower back pain--I was being 'suspended' while lying on the floor between my shoulder blades and hips. By the end of the session I was able to stretch my spine almost entirely onto the floor--after a second session was able to stretch out completely. A mattress that I have been cursing as being too hard has suddenly become less hard! Thanks so much--your information is a gift. Kathy, ON

good news
my left hip joint has been stiff for years
and years
the one waiting for surgery
i can now almost sit cross legged
this is nothing short of a miracle for me
the belief that i can heal myself is so exciting…!
Helen, BC

I enjoy your website a lot. I am a Feldenkrais Practitioner and just by nature of your website you have become one of my most valued mentors. I am always recommending to people that they can buy your lessons on line. Cathy, ME

thank you very mach for your help ! I tried No. 14 and it was a marvellous feeling afterwords... Jacqueline, Switzerland

Thank you so much for all the movement lessons. They have been very helpful to me. I really appreciate the work you have done to make it possible for me to see things from a different perspective. Carol, NV

It was a real fortune that I found your tapes on the net. No time to write half a book, but -- -- after 30 years of competitions and also regular 8+ hours work, my bones are thrashed. The doctors declared that I have no other hope than knee replacements in order to get out of pain and/or be able to stop limping. After the weeks since the tapes arrived I am still stuck going back and forth on tape 1 through 4 waking up my legs, I am already walking better and with only little pain. There is a lot of patience and care you put into those tapes. Thanks! Olga, CA

I haven't used your tapes for a while, but I was led today to them. I just wanted you to know I appreciate the great work you have done and the intention with which you did it. Pam, MA

I wanted to connect and share with you how much I have appreciated your work over the years. I am a PT and Feldenkrais practitioner. I just have had a gap in my day's schedule and laid down to do Lesson 2, grounding and felt compelled to say thanks. Kathy, TN

Thank you for putting your lessons online. I've spent years going to an osteopath due to damaging my lower back in a fall...I found your lessons about 12 months ago and haven't been for treatment since. I choose one of your lessons that's appropriate and do it till the problem resolves. I have found them unique - thank you so much for caring. Jacqui, UK