The name "Tenashi"

The name "Tenashi" is a Japanese word meaning "no hands."
It comes from a Zen koan given to me many years ago by my
Japanese Zen teacher, who knew I was a potter: "How do you
realize no hands when you make pottery? You have hands,
but you also have no hands. How do you realize no hands?"

I can't claim to have gained much insight into this koan,
which I regard as a sort of "lifetime practice" koan for a potter.
It is an ideal to strive for; to stay present, mindful, and centered
while working. No hands means no self, so that the pots and I
might unfold naturally, together, without will or desire.
Empty pots, full of spirit!

Unfortunately, you cannot experience my pots directly
over the Internet! You cannot feel the weight and texture,
the soft smoothness, the quiet energy. Too bad! Nevertheless,
I hope you enjoy looking at these images. Thanks for stopping by:
comments and questions are invited!